It’s More Than A Learning Opportunity: Make Friends & Build Networks at the GPA Annual Conference

Heather StombaughGrant Expectations

By Rhonda McDonald, Owner of RM Grant Writing Chuck Howard Memorial Scholar   Last November, I took a trip to St. Louis, Missouri to attend the Grant Professionals Association 17th Annual National Conference: Gateway to Grant Success. I attended as a Scholar, having received a scholarship from the Grant Professionals Foundation that paid for my conference fees. At home reflecting … Read More

Fresh Start for a New Year

Heather StombaughGrant Expectations

By Teri Blandon, Vice President for Development at PAI – Champions of Global Reproductive Rights GPF Marketing Committee Member   It is the end of December, and I have just finished my first week at a new job after four years at my previous employer. Six months ago when I volunteered to write this blog, a new adventure wasn’t even on my radar screen. … Read More

Best Learning Opportunity, Ever: GPA National Conference

Heather StombaughGrant Expectations

By Ashlee Lambert, Development Specialist at Caritas Family Solutions St. Louis Chapter Scholar   The day I received the news that I was a recipient of the St. Louis Chapter – Grant Professionals Association Scholarship, to attend the 2015 GPA National conference, the excitement began! I was excited to gain knowledge from the best in our profession and to network … Read More

Professional Development That Never Disappoints!

Heather StombaughGrant Expectations

By Marissa Cassellius, Grants Manager for Youth on Their Own Susan Kemp Memorial Scholar   It’s been a month since I prepared myself for the 17th Annual GPA Conference. Packing those cold weather clothes that have been stuffed in the back of my closest for years (I hail from Wisconsin, but have become a winter wimp since moving to Tucson). Sorting … Read More

Looking Forward to GPA Annual Conference 2016

Heather StombaughGrant Expectations

By Fielding Jezreel, Recipient of a 2015 St. Louis Chapter Conference Scholarship I should start by saying that the GPA Annual Conference left me rejuvenated and excited to return to work with new contacts across the nation and with a long list of to-dos: demo grant management software systems so I can recommend one to my organization, reach out to those … Read More

My Top 10 #GPAConf15 Insights

Heather StombaughGrant Expectations

By Dr. Judy Riffle, Pam Van Pelt Memorial Conference Scholarship Recipient Santa Cruz Grants & Consulting, LLC   Thanks to the Grant Professionals Foundation and generous peers, I was a first timer this year at the annual GPA conference. This experience led to so many ideas about diversifying my consultant offerings, and reinforced my love of the grants world. As a … Read More

An Award that was Really Rewarding!

Cheryl HanbackGrant Expectations

By DeaRonda Harrison, MBA – Consultant, June First Firm LLC GPF Conference Scholar 2015 – Peach State Scholarship   The GPA Annual conference is always the highlight of my grant year. The conference kicked off with a hit linking up Special Interest Groups! I always look forward to the SIG session and the Consultants SIG did not disappoint. Those in the … Read More

Giving Thanks for the GPA, GPCI, and GPF

Heather StombaughGrant Expectations

Giving Thanks for the GPA, GPF, and GPCI By Pamela Sophiajohn, CFRE   Are you a heart-centered grant professional? In Grant Writing Revealed, author Jana Jane Hexter defines heart-centered grant development as when are our technical skills and spiritual beliefs are married as we pursue personal, organizational, and community growth. Based on 10 core concepts, heart-centered grant development is a … Read More

What the GPA is All About-Thanking the Miracle Makers

dannyGrant Expectations

Lisa Sihvonen-Binder & Heather Stombaugh, GPC, CFRE As we get ready for the 15th annual Grant Professionals Association conference, we can’t help but think of all the amazing people who support the grant profession every day. From the GPF’s donors, founders, and volunteers to the Grant Professionals Association staff, volunteers and members, each one of them strives to strengthen and … Read More

4 Ways for Grant Pros to Pay It Forward in 2015

Cheryl HanbackGrant Expectations

Micki Vandeloo, GPC Lakeview Consulting, Inc. September, 2015 It has been said, “It is better to give than to receive.” As grant professionals, we could make the case that we give back every day by helping organizations obtain financial support for their worthwhile efforts. However, I believe we are on this earth to give fully of ourselves, so I … Read More