Chapter Scholarships.

Steps to Establish Your Own or a Chapter Scholarship (Funds Held by GPF).

  1. Determine scholarship type and name
  2. Determine rules, regulations, rights and rewards
  3. Fill out this Scholarship Establishment Form
  4. Fund the scholarship at GPF
  5. GPF will alert you as to the winner to confirm eligibility
  6. Stay in communication with GPF to maintain a great scholar volunteer
If you have any questions, please contact the GPF Scholarship Committee co-Chairs, Fayre Crossley or Nicole Sibilski.
For questions concerning GPCI scholarships, contact the GPCI Scholarship Chair, Nancy Smallwood.
More information about named scholarships can be found here:

GPA Chapter Scholarships.

  • Arkansas Chapter Conference Scholarship
  • Becki Shawver Conference Scholarship
  • AZ Founding Chapter Jerry Dillehay Conference Scholarship
  • GLVC Greg Bair Conference Scholarship
  • GPA AZ Southern Conference Chapter
  • GPA NE Chapter Chuck Howard Conference Scholarship
  • NCA-DC Chapter Restricted Conference Scholarship
  • Nora Stombaugh Memorial Conference Scholarship
  • NV Pamela Van Pelt Conference Scholarship
  • NV Restricted Rosemary West Conference Scholarship/li>
  • Oregon & SW Washington Chapter - Michael Wells Conference Scholarship
  • GA Peach State Conference Scholarship/li>
  • South Florida Conference Scholarship/li>
  • St Louis Conference Scholarship/li>
  • Susan Kemp FL Restricted Conference Scholarship/li>
  • Tracy Doe Potter Conference Scholarship/li>
  • North Florida Chapter Membership Scholarship/li>
  • Becki Shawver Membership Scholarship (SE Texas Chapter)/li>
  • GScot & Tracy Scala Membership Scholarship (Young Professional)
  • GPC Scholarship AZ Founding
  • GPC Scholarship DC NCA Chapter
  • GPC Scholarship GA Peach State
  • GPC Scholarship GPA Kentucky Chapter
  • GPC Scholarship North Florida
  • GPF National & Chapter Scholarships