Membership Scholarships.

Membership Scholarships.

As part of our mission, the GPF supports education that provides knowledge to grant professionals, advocacy that gives them greater access to funding and credentialing that establishes and promotes excellence in the field. To support our partner, the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), and increase GPA Chapters’ capacity, the GPF offers GPA membership scholarships funded by private donors and our annual Every Chapter Challenge (ECC) fundraising initiative. Three Membership Scholarships are offered during two cycles each year.

  1. Chapter Leader Membership Scholarships (for current and incoming GPA Chapter officers)
  2. New Membership Scholarship (one-year GPA Membership valued and a one-year local GPA Chapter Membership)
  3. Renewing Membership Scholarships (one-year GPA Membership and local GPA Chapter Membership)
Applying is easy! Just complete the Membership Scholarship Application. Before applying, please review the Membership Scholarship Guidelines.


Membership Scholarship Application Guidelines.

Submission and Award Information
  • Membership Scholarship Applications are accepted via the online portal during two cycles each year:
    • February 28 – March 30, 2018
    • August 15 – September 30, 2018
  • The online portal will close at midnight (CDT) on the last day of each application cycle.
  • The GPF Scholarship Committee reviews applications on an ongoing basis at regularly scheduled board meetings. Membership Scholarship winners are announced after each board meeting. All scoring is confidential. Please note that award decisions are final and there is no method of appealing the decision of the judges.
  • May apply for only one scholarship per year
  • Must confirm they are eligible to apply by reading and agreeing to understand the restrictions of the scholarship for which they are applying
  • Must agree to adhere to the Grant Professionals Association Code of Ethics
  • Must agree to the Terms of Agreement
  • Must write a blog for the GPF website
  • Must agree, if awarded a scholarship, to volunteer with the GPA, GPF, or GPCI within twelve months of receiving the award
  • Are encouraged to volunteer with their local GPA Chapter
Eligibility Requirements
  • Individuals involved in the grant profession, including GPA and GPCI board members, are eligible to apply for a Membership Scholarship
  • To be eligible for a Chapter Leader Membership Scholarship, applicants must serve as a Chapter leader (i.e., President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Marketing Chair) or be an incoming Chapter officer/leader
  • Grant Professionals Foundation board members and their family are not eligible to apply for scholarships
Terms of Application
By submitting a membership scholarship application, you are agreeing to the following:
  • You affirm that the information provided in your application is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you acknowledge that the Grant Professionals Foundation and its Scholarship Committee will be relying on the information provided in determining scholarship awards.
  • You understand and agree that the Grant Professionals Foundation and its membership Scholarship Committee will contact the reference you provided or contact others as we deem necessary regarding the determination of this scholarship award. This communication may take place via e-mail and telephone contact.
  • In the event you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you agree that the scholarship will be provided in the form of a credit tendered by the Grant Professionals Association and applicable only to one-year membership(s) registration.
  • You also understand that there is no cash equivalent for the scholarship and that the scholarship is not refundable or transferable.
  • You agree to provide 1) volunteer service during next twelve months with GPA, GPF or GPCI; 2) volunteer service with your local GPA chapter in a leadership role or as a duly elected Officer during your twelve month membership period; and 3) a full-length blog.
  • You agree that the Grant Professionals Foundation and the Grant Professionals Association may publish your name or identifying information, photographic likeness and statement on its website or in any electronic or print communications, identifying you as a membership scholarship recipient.

Scholarship applications are CLOSED!

Deadlines: Membership Scholarships are awarded twice a year.
The application portal is open February 28-March 30, 2018 and August 15-September 30, 2018.



  • Ellen Gugel, Massachusetts, 2017 Fall Membership Scholar
  • Valerie Hyatt, Missouri, 2017 Fall Membership Scholar
  • Mary Welsh Schlueter, Ohio, 2017 Fall Membership Scholar
  • Eric Schumacher, Missouri, 2017 Fall Membership Scholar
  • Carol Huckelby, Kentucky, 2017 Spring Membership Scholar
  • Elisa Strickler, South Carolina, 2017 Spring Membership Scholar
  • Melinda Stoops, Oregon, 2017 Spring Membership Scholar
  • Jackie Shelley, Arizona, 2017 Spring Membership Scholar


  • Carolyn Caldwell, Ohio
  • Bekah Collins, Arizona
  • Polly Bates, Nevada
  • Lucien Meadows, Colorado
  • DeaRonda Harrison, Georgia


  • Leadership Member Scholarship: Nancy Battersby, St. Louis Chapter
  • Leadership Member Scholarship: Pon Angara, Chicago Area Chapter
  • New Member Scholarship: Samantha Lee, Louisiana
  • Renewing Member Scholarship: Dr. Janell Harvey, S. Shore Indiana Chapter
  • Leadership Member Scholarship: Katelyn Shoemaker, Utah Chapter
  • New Member Scholarship: Jesse S. Boyens, Central Iowa Chapter
  • New Member Scholarship: Tawnta J. Staten, Central Iowa Chapter
  • Renewing Member Scholarship: Nia N. Key, Michigan


  • New Membership – Cynthia Hobson (Ft. Washington, MD)
  • New Membership – Avril Amanda McFarlane (Myerstown, PA)
  • New Membership – Robert Kirkpatrick (Tucson, AZ)
  • New Membership – Debra R. Morrett (Tucson, AZ)
  • Chapter Leader Membership – Leslie Testa (Littleton, CO)
  • Chapter Leader Membership – Rachel S. Higgins (Bella Vista, AR)
  • Renewal Membership – Jenny Potter (Kansas City, MO)


  • New GPA & Chapter Membership – Marissa Cassellius (Tucson, AZ)
  • Membership Chapter Leader Scholarship – Dorcas Perez (Miami Lakes, FL)
  • Renewal GPA & Chapter Membership Scholarship – Yvonne De Bellotte (Atlanta, GA)
The Grant Professionals Foundation is pleased to offer GPA Membership and Chapter Membership Scholarships to applicants on a continuous basis. GPF’s Open Membership Scholarship Program will accept membership scholarship applications via the online portal through-out the year and award decisions will be made by the GPF Board during regularly scheduled meetings. The scholarship application cut-off dates are as follows:

  • October – March; application period ends March 31st
  • April – September; application period ends September 30th

The membership scholarship applications are accepted until midnight (CDT) of the application period end date. Award decisions are expected to be made and announced after the next regular Foundation Board meeting.

The Foundation offers three types of membership scholarships: 1). Chapter Leader Membership Scholarships (for current and incoming GPA Chapter Officers); 2). New Membership Scholarship (one-year GPA national Membership valued at $209 and a one-year local GPA Chapter Membership value ranging from $25 to $75 depending on the Chapter); or 3). Renewing Membership Scholarships (one-year Memberships – dues for GPA national and local GPA Chapter, valued at up to $284 for both).

The Open Membership Scholarship Program is funded by proceeds from the GPF’s Every Chapter Challenge (ECC) initiative. The ECC is one of the Foundation’s annual fundraising campaigns. The GPF Board’s intent with the ECC is to strengthen GPA Chapters in a real and meaningful way. The Open Membership Scholarship Program is the main way the Foundation supports chapter capacity building and leadership development.

As you complete the application, you will be asked to indicate for which scholarship you are applying, and you will be confirming that you qualify under the restrictions of that scholarship. Please note that you may only apply for one scholarship per year, so please read the restrictions carefully.

You will also be asked if you adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Grant Professionals Association (regardless of whether you are a member). If you would like to review the Code of Ethics before applying, please follow this link: GPA Code of Ethics.pdf.  You will also be agreeing to the Terms of Application which can be found at the end of the application.

All applications will be judged by the GPF Scholarship Committee. All scoring is confidential. Please note that award decisions are final and there is no method of appealing the decision of the judges.

GPF Open Membership Scholarship application!

Please review the following before proceeding:

  • You will be asked if you adhere to the Grant Professionals Association’s Code of Ethics.
  • You will be asked if you agree to the Terms of Application
  • Limit your responses to number of words specified for each section
  • * Indicates required field
  • You may apply for one scholarship (use the drop menu below) once a year
  • As a condition of award you are expectedto volunteer with the GPA, GPF, or GPCI in the next twelve months
  • As a condition of award you are encouragedto volunteer with your local GPA Chapter
  • To be eligible for a Chapter Leader Membership Scholarship, you must serveas a Chapter leader (i.e., President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Marketing Chair) or be an incoming officer/leader
  • Current and incoming GPA Board and GPCI Board members are eligible. Foundation Board members and their family are not eligible.