Giving Well.

Giving monthly maximizes the value of your gift and minimizes the impact of giving on your personal life.

Once a “Giving Well” member, you have complete control over your gift and can change it or suspend it at any time. Giving Well gifts are made each month, on an automated and recurring basis, to make it easier for you and more cost-efficient for donors AND the Grant Professionals Foundation.  The cost-efficiencies allow us to make the greatest impact. Giving Well is one way you can make your donation count.

The Foundation encourages you to do your research and investigate the organizations managing your donations. Giving Well is a GPF initiative, with the responsibility on all of us, to make sound decisions regarding our donations.  The Foundation is open about the stewardship and use of those donations.

Giving Well is a two-way street. Advancing and strengthening the grant profession is in our best interest. Join us today!
“I give through GPF’s Giving Well because it ensures I put my money where my mouth is every month.” — Heather Stombaugh, MBA, GPC, JustWrite Solutions

“My monthly donation is in honor of Susan Kemp and supports a memorial scholarship in her name started by my friend and colleague Dr. Beverly Browning!” — Danny Blitch, MPA, GPC, City of Roswell, Georgia

Giving Well To make it easier to make a lasting impact, consider making a monthly gift (in a pre-determined amount) by using the drop-down menu and the Subscribe button.

The Foundation accepts PayPal, credit/debit cards, and most other forms of payment. Your support will continue our efforts at digging a deep Giving Well. Please consider a minimum monthly donation of $10, today!

Give Well Today.