Named Scholarships.

Named Restricted Scholarships
  • Considered permanent
  • GPA chapter or donor is responsible for funding the scholarship
  • Any gift to GPF indicating restriction to the named scholarship will be honored
  • If, in any year, a scholarship does not have enough funds to make the award, the chapter/donor will have the option of either adding to the scholarship balance or not funding the scholarship in the current year
  • Any balance in the named scholarship fund will be held over to the following year
To find out how to establish a scholarship, go here: Thank you!

Susan Kemp GPA Conference Scholarship.

Dr. Beverly Browning Renews her Support and her Challenge to Build this Important Opportunity! The GPF is honored to provide the Susan Kemp GPA Conference Scholarship in memory of Susan Kemp, a longtime grant professional. This scholarship is awarded to GPA members to cover the registration fee and three nights lodging for the GPA Annual Conference. Susan, who passed away in 2011, dedicated herself tirelessly to improving the lives of others. She often shared that as a former teenage welfare mother who became Assistant Welfare Commissioner of New York State Children and Family Services, she saw firsthand how the work of grant professionals can affect people’s lives. Susan served as Director of Grants Management and managed the grant activities of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services for 11 years. During that time she shared grant opportunities with over 60,000 non-profit organizations on a daily basis. She trained hundreds of people across New York State to identify grant opportunities and read public and private requests for proposals with the hope of reminding people everywhere that social programs have real impact on real people, changing lives for the better. Please join us in supporting the Susan Kemp GPA Conference Scholarship by making a gift today. Click on the “Give Now” link below to be directed to the GPF’s online donation page.

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Chuck Howard Scholarship.

The Chuck Howard Scholarship covers the GPA’s Annual Conference registration and lodging costs for a GPA member in need of financial support to advance his/her professional development. In March 2013, the GPF partnered with the GPA Oregon/SW Washington Chapter to establish a memorial scholarship fund to honor Dr. Chuck L. Howard, one of GPA’s earliest members. Dr. Howard, a former GPA board member, acquainted many people to the grant profession and the GPA, and was instrumental in establishing the Oregon/SW Washington Chapter. Donations to the GPF from members of the GPA Oregon/SW Washington Chapter, and GPA members across the nation who provide matching gifts fund this scholarship. Donated funds exceeding scholarship costs are placed into the scholarship’s Endowment Fund. Please join us in supporting the Chuck Howard Legacy Scholarship Fund by making a gift today. Click on the “Give Now” link below to be directed to the GPF’s online donation page.

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Pam Van Pelt Scholarship.

The Nevada Chapter of the GPA established the Pam Van Pelt Memorial Conference Scholarship in 2014 to remember an active Chapter member and friend. Scholarships support GPA conference fees.

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Michael Wells Scholarship.

The Michael Wells Scholarship was established in memory of Michael Wells who was the founder of our GPA chapter and a nationally recognized leader in the grants profession. It provides scholarships for chapter members to attend the national GPA conference. People of color and those who are active in the chapter receive special consideration in the application process.

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Other GPF Named Scholarships.

  1. Becki Shawver Memorial Scholarship – conference
  2. Nora Stombaugh Memorial Scholarship – conference
  3. Tracy Doe Potter Memorial Scholarship – conference
  4. Rosemary West Scholarship - conference
  5. Greg Bair Memorial Scholarship – conference
  6. Michael Wells Scholarship – conference

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