Pajama Work: Don’t Give Up About Giving Back

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By Kimberly Hays de Muga – Director of Development, Fraser Center Board Chair, Grant Professionals Foundation   Oversized tees, sweatpants, tunics, sweatshirts, leggings, sweatpants—we’re in the throes of an increasingly comfort based, casually dressed society.  All hail “Athleisure!” Gone are the power suits, power ties, buttoned-up button downs, creases, and pleats from the 80s. (I was, of course a child … Read More

I’m Not Lost at Sea Anymore

TJGrant Expectations

By Amy Grosso – Grant Coordinator at Round Rock ISD 2015 Conference Scholar   I am an introvert. Many people are surprised when I make such a declaration, because I am a sociable person. I enjoy public speaking and spending time with friends. On the other hand, I shy away from large settings where I do not know anyone. … Read More

It’s More Than A Learning Opportunity: Make Friends & Build Networks at the GPA Annual Conference

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By Rhonda McDonald, Owner of RM Grant Writing Chuck Howard Memorial Scholar   Last November, I took a trip to St. Louis, Missouri to attend the Grant Professionals Association 17th Annual National Conference: Gateway to Grant Success. I attended as a Scholar, having received a scholarship from the Grant Professionals Foundation that paid for my conference fees. At home reflecting … Read More

Fresh Start for a New Year

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By Teri Blandon, Vice President for Development at PAI – Champions of Global Reproductive Rights GPF Marketing Committee Member   It is the end of December, and I have just finished my first week at a new job after four years at my previous employer. Six months ago when I volunteered to write this blog, a new adventure wasn’t even on my radar screen. … Read More

GPA National Conference: A Grant Professional Pep Rally

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Meghann Adams, Grants Specialist Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia March, 2015 When I walked into my supervisor’s office for our check-in meeting the Monday after GPA’s 2014 National Conference in Portland, I actually had a smile on my face. The GPA conference schedule was packed, but I returned home feeling motivated and surprisingly refreshed, like I had hit a restart … Read More

First Time and Fabulous!

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First Time and Fabulous! Kristin Holowicki, Grant Coordinator, City of Coral Springs, FL January, 2015 As a first time attendee of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) National Conference, made possible by the generous scholarship from the Grant Professionals Foundation and my local South Florida GPA chapter, I was determined to get as much out of this experience as possible. … Read More