GPC Scholarships.

GPC Scholarships.

Every year, the Grant Professional Certification Institute (GPCI) and the Grant Professionals Foundation support GPC™ Scholarships for our members. The scholarships are open to any individual eligible to sit for the exam.

The cost to sit for the GPC Exam is $639 for Grant Professionals Association members and $875 for non-members. If awarded, your scholarship will be in the form of a credit to GPCI for all or a portion of the GPC exam cost. Each individual is responsible for covering any additional expenses, including transportation costs to the exam site.

Scholarship applicants are responsible for registering for the exam after a scholarship is awarded. To learn more about this process, visit the Grant Professionals Certification Institute website at
Scholarships Available:
  1. GPC Scholarship AZ Founding Chapter (open to chapter)
  2. GPC Scholarship DC NCA Chapter (open to chapter)
  3. GPC Scholarship GA Peach State Chapter (open to chapter)
  4. GPC Scholarship Kentucky Chapter (open to chapter)
  5. GPC Scholarship Heart of America Chapter (multiple partial scholarships open to chapter)
  6. GPC Scholarship North Florida Chapter (open to chapter)
  7. GPC Scholarship South Florida Chapter (open to chapter)
  8. GPC Johna Rodgers Consulting Scholarship (open to all)
  9. GPC Howie Marketing & Consulting Scholarship (open to all)
  10. General GPC Scholarships (open to all)
  11. Matilda and Emmanuel Onuoha Scholarship – This scholarship is in honor of the donor’s parents, especially the donor’s mother who without a scholarship would not have been able to go to England for college. The goal of this scholarship is to support African American/Black candidates to help increase the number of Black/African Americans who earn the GPC credential.


Scholarship applications are open May 15 – July 15, 2020.
Apply at
If you have any questions, please contact Kim Joyce or