The Grant Professionals Foundation offers three types of scholarships.

Many thanks to all the GPA chapters and individuals who continue to donate to help these scholarships advance the grant profession.

In 2023, GPF awarded the following scholarships:

GPA membership Scholarships – 10 unrestricted; 9 chapters; 5 named. 24 total
GrantSummit Scholarships – 6 unrestricted; 7 chapters; 1 named. 14 total
GPCI Scholarships – 2 unrestricted; 2 chapters; 7 named; 3 CMP. 14 total

GPA Membership Scholarships

Grant Professionals Association Membership – applications open from Feb 1 to Aug 31, with review deadlines Feb 28 and Aug 31. 

GPA has a growing international and affiliate chapter membership of over 4,500 active members, all of whom have an interest in the grants profession. GPA members come from all sectors of the international grants community.

Learn more about GPA membership benefits.

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GPCI Scholarships

Grant Professionals GPC Exam and CMP Renewal – offered annually (applications accepted April 1-30)

Every year, the Grant Professional Certification Institute (GPCI) and the Grant Professionals Foundation support GPC® Scholarships for individuals eligible to sit for the exam. If awarded, your scholarship will be in the form of a credit to GPCI for all or a portion of the GPC exam cost.

CMP Renewal Scholarships are for eligible GPCs seeking to renew their credentials. Earning the GPC is an achievement that involves a significant investment of resources, both time and money. Ensuring that dedicated grant professionals who give back to the profession can keep their GPC, and that payment for their renewal isn’t a barrier, is at the heart of this scholarship. All GPCs are eligible for the GPC® CMP Scholarships.

Review the presentation slides from a recent GPC Exam and CMP Scholarship Informational Session, or watch the webinar recording.

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GrantSummit Scholarships

GPA GrantSummit Scholarships – offered annually (applications accepted June 1-30)

The GPA Annual Conference has been rebranded as GrantSummit! GrantSummit will be held October 30 – November 2, 2024 in Denver, CO at the Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center, and online.

Scholarships are for conference registration only. Travel/accommodation for in-person attendance will have to be paid by the recipient.

GPA’s Annual Conference attracts over 1,200 grant professionals for a three-day conference full of learning and networking opportunities. Grant professionals come together to exchange strategies, solutions, resources, and more.


The Terms for the Scholarships are below:

  • Adhere to the GPA Code of Ethics.
  • You affirm that the information provided in your application is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you acknowledge that the Grant Professionals Foundation and its Scholarship Committee will be relying on the information provided in determining scholarship awards.
  • In the event you are selected as a scholarship recipient, you agree that the scholarship will be provided in the form of a credit tendered by the Grant Professionals Foundation to the Grant Professionals Association and applicable only to terms of award (and any other provisions, if any, specifically stated above for the scholarship for which you apply). If awarded a Grant Summit scholarship, you understand that you are responsible for any other expenses relating to your attendance at the GrantSummit.
  • You also understand that there is no cash equivalent for the scholarship and that the scholarship is not refundable or transferable and applies only to the GrantSummit/Membership.
  • GrantSummit recipients: You agree to provide the Grant Professionals Foundation with 1) two hours of volunteer service during the GrantSummit; 2) your presence at an awards ceremony organized by the Grant Professionals Foundation to take place during GrantSummit; 3) your presence at a group photo shoot during GrantSummit; and 4) an essay (1,500 words) regarding your attendance at the training, its value to you as a grant professional and the impact of this scholarship, within 90 days after attending the GrantSummit.
  • You agree that the Grant Professionals Foundation and/or the Grant Professionals Association may publish your name or identifying information, photographic likeness and statement on its website or in any electronic or print communications, identifying you as a scholarship recipient.
  • In the event that you cannot accept the scholarship, you agree to inform the Grant Professionals Foundation immediately and understand that an alternate awardee will be selected in your place. This alternate will be selected by the Grant Professionals Foundation Scholarship Committee based on results from the reviews of scholarship applications.
  • You agree to complete a recipient feedback survey and submit responses by the due date provided by the GPF Scholarship Committee.

Interested in establishing your own named scholarship, or a GPA chapter scholarship?

Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Determine scholarship type and name.
  2. Determine rules, regulations, rights and rewards.
  3. Fill out the Scholarship Establishment Form.
  4. Fund the scholarship at GPF.
  5. GPF will alert you as to the winner to confirm eligibility.

If you have any questions, please contact the GPF Scholarship Committee at