Introducing the 2021 GPA Conference Scholars

As part of our mission, the Grant Professionals Foundation (GPF) supports education that provides knowledge to grant professionals, advocacy that gives them greater access to funding and credentialing that establishes and promotes excellence in the field.

Throughout the year, the GPF offers several scholarships that are open to all grant professionals. We are excited to announce the latest scholarship recipients for the 2021 Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Annual Conference, which will take place in-person and online from November 3-6.

The GPF awarded 14 in-person and online conference scholarships this year. Thank you to all the grant professionals who applied and expressed interest in attending the GPA conference. Many thanks to all the GPA chapters and individuals who continue to donate to help these scholarships advance the grant profession.

Grant Professionals Foundation Conference Scholars
Miranda Morris
Lauren Welch
Tricia Gopalakrishnan
Melissa Cammak

Dr. Bev Browning/Dr. Bernard Turner African American Conference Scholars
David Jackson
Denise Henry
Cynthia Wasco

Arkansas/Oklahoma Chapter Conference Scholar
Leilani Ocasio

Arizona Founding Chapter Jerry Dillehay Conference Scholar
Elizabeth Wilkinson

Dakotas Chapter Conference Scholar
Jillian Veil-Ehnert

Georgia Peach State Chapter Conference Scholar
Tina Jones

Nevada Chapter Rosemary West Conference Scholar
Jacqueline Ragin

South Florida Chapter Conference Scholar
Khandyce Mosley

San Diego Chapter Leichtag Foundation Conference Scholar
Colleen Englebrecht

Scholars will submit an essay about their attendance at the conference, its value to them as a grant professional, and the impact of the GPF scholarship. All scholar essays will be posted on the GPF blog soon after the 2021 GPA Annual Conference.