2022 GPA Conference Reflection, by Dana Frye

As I start my day with intention thinking about my plan, controlling what I can, and creating a do and don’t list, I am compelled to think about the magnitude of learning I experienced at the Grant Professionals Annual Conference in Louisville, KY.  The conference was my first for grants and I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend through the scholarship program and join as a member. The conversations were uplifting, refreshing, and encouraging from all aspects of my career. I am the Administrative Support Specialist AND the Grant Coordinator for the Office of the Provost at Augustana University. Filtering my tasks and finding time to allocate to grants has been challenging. The professional development received at the conference has given me a foundation to build my grantsmanship career along with paving the way to help and teach others. I appreciated the stellar technology associated with the conference; the applications, technology, recordings, and resources for easy access contributed to an experience like no other! I still go back and view the recordings and resources provided.