2022 GPA Conference – Scholar Essay, by Kalea Pauole

I have been the Senior Grants Program Administrator for the City of Topeka for 10 months. My job is two-fold. I find, write, and do the post-award reporting on grants for the City and I oversee the grants the City gives to organizations.

I love that my job allows me to work with a variety of stakeholders with different interests and one common goal to make the City of Topeka better. My ability to do my job depends on my skills as a grants administrator. I walked away from the GPA conference with more confidence, a better support network, and more skills to help the community I love.

This was my first year at the GPA Conference. I learned the importance of reading, how to avoid burnout, how to comply with post-award reporting, how to lead meetings with a variety of stakeholders, and so much more.

I was impressed with how easy it was to talk to other grant professionals. As I toured and explored Louisville, I was always with a new group of grant professionals and enjoyed listening to them talk about the grant world and enjoy blowing off steam.