Every Chapter Challenge 2012

Grant Professionals Foundation – Every Chapter Challenge Initiative 2012

The Every Chapter Challenge, a national campaign to raise funds for the Grant Professionals Foundation. The “Challenge” is participation by 100% of GPA’s local Chapters. Currently, there are 40 active Chapters in 30 states. The Board is challenging all 40 chapters to join forces with us to enhance the GPA membership experience by strengthening non-profits and advancing the grant profession.

As grant professionals, we are a critical part of the philanthropic community; we make things happen, we change the world! In addition to the work you do every day to support your nonprofit community, you have a special opportunity to help your fellow grant professionals shape the world, their future, and our future.

If you have questions about the 2012 ECC, please contact Danny Blitch, Vice Chair of the GPF Board, at dblitch@roswellgov.com