GPA Membership = Networking & Collaboration

Janell Harvey

By Dr. Janell Harvey, Associate Professor of Business, DeVry University

Renewing Member Scholar – S. Shore Indiana Chapter

As a Professor of Business and fundraising professional, membership in the Grant Professionals Association has afforded me a wealth of opportunities. Networking with like-minded people has allowed me to better understand fund development trends in a number of areas. For example, I am a member of the Faith Based Special Interest Group (SIG). Recently, the group leader sent out information allowing members to introduce themselves and the groups that they advocate for. This engagement certainly sparked interest between members resulting in ongoing communication. Most importantly it shed light on the causes that we care for most. I anticipate that great collaboration will emerge from there.

My involvement with the Grant Professionals Association has also led to the publication of a journal article and participation on both the GPF and GPA’s national board of directors. I am so elated to have the opportunity to work with such brilliant individuals while promoting integrity and sustainability within the grant profession.

Last year, I was awarded a membership scholarship by the Grant Professionals Foundation. I have a wonderful seven year old son who is hearing impaired. Costs associated with some of his necessary equipment led to the need for additional support. When I received the funds, I was so elated. I couldn’t imagine any gaps in my membership. I whole-heartedly thank the foundation for rendering their support as I know there were others who too were in need.

I look forward to the lifelong learning experiences that the Grant Professionals Association provides. Ultimately, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with other professionals who are not yet members with hopes to spark their interest.