Need a reason to make a gift to support the grant profession?

Need a reason to make a gift to support the grant profession?

Here’s one that impacts you in a direct and personal way.


When most of us joined GPA, we weren’t thinking about advancing the profession. We were focused on our own development as grant writers by taking advantage of the many educational opportunities and benefits of networking with other grant writers.

But there’s another side to being part of GPA.

It gives us the ability to positively impact the entire profession by helping ensure that other grant writers are successful. In the end, we all benefit because the better we are at our jobs, the more the grant writing profession grows in credibility and stature.

I give to several nonprofits throughout the year but the gift I make every month to the Grant Professionals Foundation (GPF) is about me and my future.

I know those funds are being used to pay for GPA memberships, national conference scholarships and increasing the number of members who are Grant Professional Certified. Scholarships go to members who don’t have the financial means to become a member or take advantage of GPA educational and career advancement opportunities.

I benefit and GPA benefits because all these individuals will improve their skills and win more money for their nonprofits.

Please join me and other GPF donors and make a gift to support the GPF 2017 fundraising campaign. Make a one-time gift or spread it out over the entire year. Over the coming months and at the national conference, you will learn more about how your gift impacted the careers and lives of other grant writers.

Giving to support GPF scholarships is one way to influence how well all grant writers do their jobs and ultimately how our profession is perceived. Make a gift today!


Susan Caldwell, CFRE

GPF Board of Directors