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Collective Value, Collective Power: Grant Professionals Impact Survey

DID YOU KNOW: The Grant Professionals Impact Survey helps us understand how grant pros make the world a better place, one grant at a time. The ground-breaking survey, created and sponsored by the Grant Professionals Foundation, analyzes the work of grant professionals who write, manage, research, develop, administer, and plan projects funded in whole or part with grant funds. The results of the survey are used to inform Grant Professionals Association (GPA) membership recruitment, professional development opportunities, and the “state of the profession” for our conversations with nonprofit leaders, development directors, funders, and other stakeholders affected by the work of grant professionals.


In 2015, the Impact Survey gained new ground through a four-year comparative analysis. The results of the study were published in the 2015 edition of the Journal of the Grant Professionals Association. The results illustrate how the work of grant professionals is instrumental in raising funds, supporting new and continuing programs, and leading nonprofits to success.


  • Each grant professional secures an average of $4,057,106 in funding each year.


  • GPA members spend a significantly higher percentage of time on grant writing and CEO/executive director functions than non-GPA members.


  • People who do not hold the GPC (Grant Professional Certified) credential secured a significantly greater percentage of program grants than professionals who hold the GPC, while GPC respondents secured a significantly higher percentage of capital and research grants than those without the credential.


Four years of survey results (2010-2014) provide quantitative evidence of the collective power and value of grant professionals. Grant professionals enable real change in people’s lives everywhere.


You can read the full peer-reviewed article HERE. And look for the next Grant Professionals Impact Survey in August 2016!