GPA 2019 Annual Conference Scholarship Essay, by Isabel Rosa

South Florida Chapter Scholarship

Join a Regional Chapter and Apply for the Scholarship!! Do it for You.

In 2018, I earned my GPC credential and decided to assist my first GPA Conference. Little did I know that it would be so groundbreaking for my professional development despite being a decade into the career as a consultant and with a recently obtained credential in the field! It was amazing to engage with so many professionals from different fields with the same interest. I decided that the 2019 GPA Annual Conference was a must for my continuing education.

I am a consultant; we cover our expenses and must make time for continuing education away from work. The economic burden adds up (travel – I am for Puerto Rico; flight; hotel; transportation; food; etc.). I was particularly eager to assist to the Conference because of different personal distresses concerning next steps in my career.

I received various e-mails notifying about the opportunity for a Scholarship for the 2019 Conference in Washington D.C.. I identify, evaluate, write, and request opportunities to do good for others. I relieve their economic burden for the implementation of their initiatives and professional growth. I was eligible, so why not do it for me? I decided to apply, and it was a pleasant surprise when it was awarded.

There are no GPA Chapters in Puerto Rico (unfortunately), therefore, I joined from the start the one closest to home, the South Florida Chapter. I have always been informed about their meetings and continuing education activities and appreciate that it is a very active group. They allowed me to attend the GPA Annual Conference; they funded my award. I never even realized that being part of this group would allow for such a great opportunity. I met various members at the Chapter dinner during the Annual Conference and they are a very welcoming, diverse fun group that I am grateful to form part of!

The Scholarship allowed me to stay at the hotel where the conference took place, immerse myself fully into the educational and networking experience. It helped me analyze and make decisions concerning my career path. It helped me consider different approaches to challenges I was facing as a professional. These ranged from setting boundaries as a consultant with my clients and establishing functional contracts (it was shocking to learn all I was leaving out despite being a law school graduate) to evaluating the possibility of becoming a trainer and being more active with the GPA.

The Scholarship is successful with the assistance of volunteers that participate at different levels, including at the Silent Auction. It was very engaging to help in the set-up of the auction tables, learn more about it, and the level of organization it entails. I commend its organizers for their time and devotion and look forward to volunteering in the upcoming years.

I invite you to join a GPA Chapter, even if it is not located in your hometown. For example, if you are in the Caribbean, join the South Florida Chapter! I also invite you to apply for the Scholarship next year and become more involved with the GPA. It will expose you to new opportunities you might not consider otherwise.  

Scholarship applications for the GPA 2020 Annual Conference will open soon. More information is available here.