GPA membership scholarship applications

The GPF supports education that provides knowledge to grant professionals, advocacy that gives them greater access to funding and credentialing that establishes and promotes excellence in the field. To support our partner, the Grant Professionals Association (GPA), and increase GPA Chapters’ capacity, the GPF offers GPA membership scholarships.

GPA membership scholarship cycles are from February 28 to March 30 and from August 15 to Sept 30.

Three Membership Scholarships are offered during two cycles each year.

  1. Chapter Leader Membership Scholarships (for current and incoming GPA Chapter officers)
  2. New Membership Scholarship (one-year GPA Membership valued and a one-year local GPA Chapter Membership)
  3. Renewing Membership Scholarships (one-year GPA Membership and local GPA Chapter Membership)

Apply here: GPA Membership Scholarship Application